About us

Company profile

For over 20 years, Siam Oil Products Company Limited has been engaged in business under the management
of highly experienced executives whose expertise lies in selection of petroleum, petrochemical and industrial chemicals,
as well as industrial goods that meet international standards. Not only sales,
but the Company also provides superb service to our customers.
Additionally, the Company has the policy to tap into other business segments, expand the variety of products and leverage
service quality for customers from all industries. With 200 million Baht authorized capital and more than 700 employees,
Siam Oil has received confidence and trust from customers and trading partners
to secure optimum satisfaction in products and services for all.


To be the leading business firm which achieve
highest trustworthiness from the stakeholder toward
the products and services delivery based on the international standard operation


Siam Oil's mission is to provide the unrivaled
products and services quality through the good
governance of vigorous and to enhance the
efficiency of business operation found on clear leadership and excellent teamwork


For included of mindset and confidence of employees to be in the same direction.

S = Smart working

Work on the foundation of knowledge and skills, strategically and goal-oriented.

I = Integration

Integration of knowledge, procedures and mutual goal among employees from all sectors.

A = Accountability

Responsibility towards rules, discipline and determination in standard procedures.

M = Manpower focus

Give precedence to the development and management of human resources.

O = Operation excellence

Operation is based on excellent quality.

I = Innovation

Concentrate in the creation of innovative products, service and operating procedures.

L = Learning organization

Become the organization that has never ceased to learn.